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Web design trends in 2021

Web design trends in 2021

By: Vlad Lupu

Website design plays an important role in grabbing the attention of visitors. No matter how well a website is developed, it must have a pleasing visual impact in order to attract an optimal number of guests. In such a competitive environment, web designers should be well aware of the top web design trends in 2021 to stay up to date. Here, we will discuss some of the web design trends to make your website more appealing. 

1. Dark mode 

The dark mode format is trending on nearly every platform, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype. The dark mode trend undeniably dominated web design during 2019 and 2020. This indicated its foreseeable future trending in 2021.  

The popularity of this web design trend is due to its aesthetic feel and comforting effect on the eyes of visitors. Dark mode also saves battery life when browsing from the phone. To design an exquisite company website using this web design trend, you can use dark mode templates with either bright neon colors to give an aesthetic look, or white shades for an elegant look.

2. Minimalism 

The minimalism web design focuses on keeping things simple. This design trend has proven to be the most effective over the past few years and will continue to rise in 2021. Minimalism enhances the user experience by eradicating unnecessary items through navigation. With these minimalistic elements, usability is improved and increased.

To design an elegant and simple company website using this trend, avoid accumulating tons of information into a single section. Optimally represent your services and other information to your visitors through pertinent minimum text.

3. Luminous color schemes 

Using luminous color schemes has become a leading trend in web design. This web design trend provides alluring colors such as pink, red, purple, and blue that glow on company websites. A website designed with a luminous color scheme tends to be catchier for the visitors due to its dazzling appearance. 

This web design can be integrated with both of the trends mentioned earlier (minimalism and dark mode). The luminosity of these colors stands out with the dark mode and adds an enchanting look to the minimalistic web design. 

4. Hand-drawn elements 

Connecting to your users is an essential factor to consider while designing a company website. Using hand-drawn elements for illustrations has been prominently trending due to its human-centric approach. A company website may use hand-drawn elements in their web designs to reflect their creativity. Visitors feel fascinated by the illustrations as they show emotion, imagination, and thoughtfulness. 

To keep your website playful yet professional, the web designer should maintain the right ratio of hand-drawn elements and digitally created elements while designing a website.

5. Shadows, layers, and floating elements 

The use of shadows, layers, and floating elements trended upward during the last year and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. By using these elements in your web design, it will give your company website a 3D effect that is highly appealing for the visitors.

A website designed by using different floating elements, layers, and shadows captivates the visitors and makes it unique compared to other websites. 


Each web design trend carries its own benefits, enhancing the user experience. A good web design can deliver a message effectively and engage users on another level. Web design trends guide user’s behavior and habits. By not keeping with the trends, your website could fall behind and create the wrong impression for your company, causing a loss in users and engagements.