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10 Main Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Website

10 Main Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Website

By: Vlad Lupu

Choosing an eCommerce platform can be a bit challenging. You’ll invest your hard-earned money and build your business on this – which will ultimately define you for the next couple of years. That’s a lot of pressure! But don’t worry, we will simplify this for you. Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that offers a variety of features. The catalog of Magento is far beyond what we think it would be.

For starters, many renowned businesses like Coca-cola, Nike, and Samsung are running Magento. In fact, Magento holds up to 30% of the global online market share, in terms of online stores. So, it is safe to say that Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers robust features. But is it suitable for your next project? Is Magento the ultimate CMS platform for the future? Let’s find out!

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is the latest version of the leading enterprise system with new features and performance-oriented improvements. Some of the highlighted features include PHP unit, EcomDev, multi-store search fields, Magento debugger, and more.

Magento 2 Advantages

– Retina-Display and Mobile-optimized

– Advanced SEO features

– Customizable Security Customer Persuasion

– Tons of Payment option

– Third-party Integration

– Magento Development Community

– Improved Product Section

– Framework and Marketplace Improvements

The reason why Magento 2 is recommended over other e-commerce solutions is that it allows in-depth core development. It’s agreed that other solutions like Shopify offers more versatility if you’re a beginner. But you can’t customize your website from the core. Once you build a successful online store, you have to make the appropriate adjustments to meet current technology standards.

Now, if you’re using Shopify, you’re mostly restricted to the interface Shopify offers you. With Magento, you can explore new ideas wherever you want and whenever you want.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Let’s cover some of the deep-dive formulae on why Magento should be your ultimate pick for the next online business.

1.  An Open-Source Platform

One of the reasons why Magento is the core of most online stores is because it is an open-source tool. Meaning, if you are a Magento expert, you can enjoy the full scale of this system. There’s also a huge library of modules at Magento marketplace. These modules will help you easily harness the structure you want for your site interface.

2.  E-commerce Oriented from Core

From day one, the core of Magento was to re-live the eCommerce community. Most of the other CMS platforms were developed for blogging + eCommerce in mind. Since Magento follows the same approach, it offers more dynamic features in the eCommerce department. A thing designed solely for a specific task will always perform better than one developed for a multipurpose approach.

3.  Excellent performance

In terms of performance, you will get blazing fast load-time and processing speed. Magento has done an outstanding job of handling the optimization of its code. There are also thousands of extensions available for further processing. You can say Magento tops the eCommerce website builder list because of its unprecedented performance.

4.  It is SEO-friendly

Magento follows all the latest SEO trends and core algorithm methods. It comes packed with features like changing post/page URL structure, URL rewrites, title, description, alt tags, positioning layer, etc. Plus, the performance and mobile-ready interface makes it even more viable to the search engine.

5.  Mobile Experience

Around 60% of online buyers use mobile devices, and the numbers will gradually increase over time. Therefore, Magento features a rich compatible interface that works on all types of display. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or a widescreen, it will automatically adjust to the best screen aspect ratio.

6.  Multiple website management

This feature is really helpful if you’re looking forward to building a multi-store website. Many online businesses prefer Magento because it offers all the core development functionalities from one dashboard. You can add products to all your stores without having to change the account credentials. This saves not only time but also your efforts to manually change the settings.

7.  Payment options

Magento supports almost all the popular payment gateway options such as PayPal, Bank transfer, cash on delivery, Google Checkout, Authorize.net, Amazon Payment, and more. The developers are committed to adding more options at later dates.

8.  Magento community

For any business, the support community operations are like the core of its growth. Magento doesn’t hold you back when it comes to the community. You can easily find dedicated developers, programmers, project managers, theme optimizer, and so on.

You can also post your queries on Magento-associated forums and get free help from qualified developers. It is best to keep these forums on your list as they regularly update users about new trends and changes.

9.  Third-party integration

With the Magento Development program, you can integrate thousands of third-party services on your website. This ranges from database applications to tracking carts and more. You will also get basic built-in tools like Google Analytics, Base, and Checkout to keep track of your site’s performance.

10. Flexibility and Highly Scalable

Magento doesn’t hold you back when it comes to flexibility. You will get full control of all the functions available on your eCommerce website. However, keep in mind that changing a single line of code can affect your site’s scalability. For this, we highly recommend hiring an expert developer.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our discussion. These 10 points are just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s more to Magento once you actually try it. From multitasking to flexibility, Magento ticks all the boxes to build a successful online store.

Do you have any questions in mind? Let us know down in the comment section.