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Scrum Master

We want to complete our team with a dedicated Scrum Master who will push hard with the team to hit the Sprint Goals. Your role will be to serve the needs of your team: to offer guidance during the Sprint, to coach the team on how to best run and operate and to make sure they have everything required to succeed.

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    We Are Looking For Good People

    We kind of expect proven work experience as Scrum Master in an Agile environment.

    You have strong understanding of the challenges faced by Agile teams.

    Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

    You are resourceful, creative and energetic.

    Excellent problem-solving abilities.

    You are a rock star when it comes to communication, organization, problem-solving, strategic thinking and conflict resolution.

    You are willing to help your teammates, share your knowledge with them, and learn from them.

    You are open to receiving constructive feedback and turning it into process improvements.

    You have a willingness to learn any new tech on the fly.

    A hunger to seek out new technologies, industry trends, and best practices — and enjoyment sharing that knowledge with others.

    We want detail-oriented thinkers

    Run the Daily Scrum and keep the team on track.

    During the Sprint, you help set daily targets for every team member, all of which contribute to the overarching Sprint Goal.

    Identify and bulldoze roadblocks, like requests from other departments or frequent emails and phone calls, system issues or a team member’s lack of training.

    Manage many small tasks at once.

    Awareness of their own pace of work – accurate estimation.

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    We Seek Leaders

    Coach the Development Team to make sure they understand Scrum.

    Train the team in self-organization and cross-functionality, so that they can work together seamlessly to produce high-value products in short timeframes.

    Prototyping unknown solutions.

    Knowing the steps to quickly debug issues as the come up.

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