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Author: Antonia Stroe

How to choose a web design agency blog cover image

A 2021 Guide on Choosing a Great Web Design Agency

It feels like web design agencies have sprouted like mushrooms after a rainstorm. But how do you find the right one for your business? Covid-19 is forcing various industries to take a leap towards digitalization. As a result, quality web design is not merely "in fashion" but a must-have in today's over-competitive eCommerce...

Scrum process blog cover

Scrum, Agile, and How to Develop Better Software

We’ve seen Scrum defined as a lightweight framework, an iterative development methodology, a project management strategy, and some other blends along the same lines. It gets even more confusing when you throw in Agile, another headline-worthy name. Despite the buzzwordy ring of Scrum Agile, it is a well-established and widespread process used in software development. What’s more,...

cover photo for the buyer persona use and benefits blog

Buyer Persona, Part III – Powerful Applications for Any Business

It’s more than marketing. Your overall business performance can heavily benefit from using the buyer persona strategy. We’ve already covered the basics of a buyer persona and the research required to build one for your business. In short, we use this strategy to conceptualize complex information on buyer demographics in a simple, usable way. Depending on your...

Metaphorical design for making a buyer persona and researching your target audience.

Buyer Persona, Part I – What It Is and Where to Start

There’s so much fuss about Buyer Personas. But can they really help you understand your target audience? The Buyer Persona. No, it’s not some fraction of the mind guilty for our retail therapy habits. If you’re even slightly familiar with marketing, you’ll know the concept is bandied about like no other. That’s...